Sequence of Events for your Project

1. QUALIFICATION: This is where we meet with you, the client, in person or by phone to discuss your expectations and budget, to determine if we are the right contractor for your project.

2. PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE: We create our estimate based on the information you, the client, provide to us during the job walk. We will submit the estimate to you via email, fax, mail, or in person.

3. NEGOTIATION: This is where any changes to the job or budget need to be considered, and the estimate amended if need be. When the project requirements and budget are in line, we will submit the final draft.

4. APPROVAL: If you, the client, wish to start the project, approval is through “Docusign” or wet signature.

5. BILLING: A Down Payment of 10% or $1000., whichever is less, is due immediately. If architectural services are needed, 50% of architectural is due upon start of drawings.

6. ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING: This step is only for projects which require such services. After the contract is approved, you will meet with our designer to come up with a design/space plan that will work for you. These plans typically take about 2 weeks to complete. After you sign off on the approved drawings they will be sent to engineering, which takes about 1-2 weeks, after which we will print a city submittal full set. You, the client, will then receive your set of plans.

With city submittal, we can usually pull permits over the counter for small projects. They are signed off by Planning & Zoning, Building, Engineering & Fire. Once approved you, the client, must pay for your permits either by paying the city directly or by reimbursing NeWave Construction, Inc.

On larger projects and remodels, the plans are submitted to the city for approval by Planning & Zoning, Public Works, Engineering, Building, and Fire. This takes about 20 days. If corrections are needed, NeWave Construction, Inc. will make the necessary corrections and resubmit the corrected plans. This could take up to 20 more days, depending on the circumstances of the corrections.

Once approved you, the client, must pay the remainder balances on building permit fees, school fees (if adding over 500 sq. ft.), sewer, fire, or any other fees associated with the city permit.

7. ARCHITECTURAL BILLING: At this point, 100% balance of the architectural fee is due.

8. ELEVATION DRAWING APPROVALS: These include tile layouts, countertop layouts indicating cuts, and cabinetry.

9. MATERIALS SELECTIONS: All materials in your remodel are selected.

10. MATERIAL DELIVERIES: All materials must be delivered to your project prior to start. Logistics of each project may vary.

11. PROJECT SCHEDULING: Our project manager will create a schedule to get the project completed as soon as possible.

12. START OF PROJECT: We’re pleased to get started on your project.