Offering tenant improvements to a commercial space can both boost your lease rates and expand the pool of tenants interested in your space. However, tenant improvements often face challenges because of tight turnaround time and the presence of other tenants in the building who cannot have their business interrupted. That’s why NeWave Construction offers the best team of professionals possible for your commercial space upgrade.

NeWave has experienced commercial space crews ready to swoop into a commercial space and make fast, high quality renovations with minimal disruption. We can leverage weekends and off hours and we can commit large crews to complete all work in the narrowest of timeframes. This reduces down time and allows you to lease your units again as quickly as possible, saving you money.

On-Time and On-Budget

There are few commercial contractors in Costa Mesa as knowledgeable, dependable or professional as NeWave Construction. We’re able to work with your budget to achieve the improvements you need without sacrificing quality. Whether your tenant upgrades are a minor finishing job, a major renovation or even a build-out, we can optimize your space to reflect the exact needs of your business or your tenants’.

Call us today to discuss your project and get an estimate. You won’t find a better commercial contractor.