Survey well monuments run down the center of many streets surrounding Costa Mesa and other nearby communities. These wells contain sensitive GPS equipment that surveyors and developers both know is crucial to making accurate decisions. Property divisions, property taxes, and utility placement all depend on these underground GPS markers.

At NeWave Construction we’re proud to install and setup the highest quality, longest lasting survey well monuments. These monuments are superior to the wooden stakes previously used to mark property lines. GPS makes surveying faster and more reliable, while wooden stakes can wash away in flooding or simply be moved by property owners hoping to gain yardage.

We build our survey well monuments according to two principles:

·       Precise calibration. The accuracy and precision of each survey well monument has lasting consequences as it will be used to determine the placement of buildings and property decisions that will last for many years. We ensure total accuracy and precise calibration every time.

·       Permanence. The benefit of a survey well is that it provides a permanent, consistent distance reading for surveyors, government officials, homeowners and geologists. That means each well monument has to be able to protect the equipment from the heavy rains and flooding—and from damage from vehicles or human tampering. NeWave’s survey well monuments are built to last.

NeWave Construction is happy to work closely with local governments to install the best survey well monuments at the best price, saving taxpayer dollars. Call us to discuss our monuments and for a bid on new survey well monument projects.