It’s hard to find the right contractor for your HOA project. Every Homeowner’s Association has its own unique needs, and every new project will bring a long deliberative process with many concerns. At NeWave Construction we know that no two HOA projects are exactly alike and we listen carefully to your needs to ensure that the work is exactly what you requested.


When a Homeowner’s Association contacts us, we understand that you may have multiple project goals with a short timeline and a tight budget. We’re used to working closely with the people involved whether that means HOA members, property managers, or individual property owners. We make sure that everyone is kept informed and that communication is clear at all stages of the project, whether it’s routine maintenance, major repairs or new construction.


NeWave has a long history of working with HOAs both as a long-term contractor or for a single project. We can provide all regular inspections and ongoing maintenance common to condos and housing developments, including lighting maintenance and flood and storm damage. On a larger scale, we also have a track record of completing major renovation and expansion projects efficiently and on time with excellent customer service. We like to be good neighbors to your property owners whenever we’re on the property.


If your HOA has an ongoing or upcoming project, don’t choose a less experienced contractor. Contact NeWave construction today and let us show you what we can do for you.